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ShowBox .APK Download For Android & Windows PC (Latest version)

GrowBox is an APK file that will serve as a makeshift MX player and will properly transport the video URLs and headers received from ShowBox to any other application. It is one of the genuine applications available in the entertainment stream to watch the favourite videos whenever and wherever you want. The application is not available in the Play store for downloading at the moment.

So, you need to download the APK files for GrowBox for integrating with your ShowBox application. ShowBox is available for the users who mainly want to download various online videos and stream them across multiple platforms. Android TV, Chromecast, FireStick are some of the popular devices with which GrowBox is compatible.

Though ShowBox is an extremely popular app, you cannot cast it to any other external devices. The GrowBox application particularly resolves this woe. Yes, GrowBox helps you to stream the video contents of ShowBox across many platforms like Android TV, Chromecast, FireStick etc. While ShowBox is applicable only for mobiles and tablets, GrowBox lets you to view the same content of ShowBox in larger platforms like TV, Laptops and so on. In this manner, the user can gain a wider screen experience without much compromise in quality. Here, we are going to explain the steps that are involved in downloading the APK file for GrowBox.

Steps to download the raw APK file for ShowBox

ShowBox APK
ShowBox APK

You are not downloading GrowBox only for casting purposes. Remember, there are a lot of APK files that need to be simultaneously downloaded along with Showbox APK. We shall look at the steps that are involved in downloading ShowBox APK

Step 1: Uninstall MX player (if you have already pre-installed it). Everyone would have used MX player for wider screen resolution and good picture quality. But, ShowBox is not compatible with MX player.

Step 2: Download the ShowBox .APK from here and install it. 

Step 3: Enable your mobile for installing apps from unknown sources.

Step 4: download, install and run AllCast from the Google Play store

Step 5: AllCast will help your ShowBox app to stream contents, send photos, music and videos from your mobile phones to your TVs.

Step 5a: Now that you have downloaded the Showbox application, you need to download the GrowBox APK to cast its contents in TVs. Showbox will not allow you to cast the movies.

Step 6: after installing AllCast, search google for GrowBox APK and install it in your mobile.

Step 7: once GrowBox APK has been successfully installed, select the movie that you have decided to watch.

Step 8: Once you have selected the movie, run the GrowBox application. GrowBox will start streaming the video in your mobile.

Step 9: Now, click the right side on the top of your menu list for turning on the casting option.

Step 10: Your movie will now be casted in the big screen with greater picture resolution. If you want to install the ShowBox application alone, then you can skip these steps and can view your online video contents in either mobiles or tablets.

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